League of Legends LCK: T1 and Gen.G match of the week review

Published: 19:36, 01 April 2020
Updated: 20:11, 01 April 2020
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League of Legends pro player Faker on stage
Final before the final?

Week 7 in the LCK featured spring split's most anticipated match between the first and the second team in the league. T1's victory over DragonX last week solidified them as the biggest threat to Gen.G's fantastic season.

In the first game, Gen.G drafted a safe utility composition, relying heavily on Ruler to be the main carry on Aphelios. On the other side, T1 picked themselves a standard set of champions with both early and late-game pressure. We've seen little to none action early on, with first blood being taken by T1 in the 9th minute after a three-man gank on the top lane.

Going into the 15th minute, the gold was almost even as objectives were traded across the map. The first big team fight happened around the 30-minute mark after Faker caught the overextended Rek'Sai. The fight went in T1's favour and they got themselves three kills with the Baron buff on top.

Despite winning a big fight, they couldn't finish off the game since they got wiped by Ruler on the Aphelios. The respawn timers were simply too big and Gen.G's counter-push put them ahead in the series as they took game one.

In the second game, Faker picked went for the signature Tristana mid after Gen.G banned both Azir and LeBlanc. Just like the first game, both teams had a very safe approach when it comes to team fighting. The game seemed pretty one-sided as the amount of tower pressure that Tristana provided, proved to be too much for the Gen.G squad.

They were chased from defense duty on many occasions and finally, after taking three inhibitors, all T1 had to do is just walk into the enemy base and let the gold difference together with the minion pressure to the job for them.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player Canna on the post game stats Canna had some good performances on Sylas

There weren't many changes in the third draft as we got to see the same couple of champions getting swapped between the two teams, with some small exceptions. Unlike the first two games, there was some action at the beginning as a level two gank caused first blood in T1's favour.

Gen.G seemed like they lost their footing in this match as a series of uncharacteristic mistakes put them in a 4K gold deficit by the 20-minute mark. Similar to the second game, the snowball was simply too big on the side the of T1.

A big team fight in the 28th minute sealed the deal in the series and T1, for the second time in the split, beat the number one team in the league.

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