League of Legends LCK: HLE upset DragonX

Published: 17:53, 25 March 2020
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DragonX were looking like the best team after the break that LCK took, while on the other side Hanwha Life Esports went in this game with a not so impressive 3-6 record. The teams were even across all three games, but in the end, HLE managed to upset DRX and take the series home.

Right from the start, Hanwha surprised everyone by going with the Rumble support in the champion selection. Other than that, both teams drafted a pretty standard team composition with strong early game junglers.

DragonX were put on the back foot right from the beginning as a well-coordinated gank to mid lane resulted in first blood going in HLE's favour. 

Going into the mid-game, DraxonX's players seemed to have finally warmed up as they found the right team fights across the whole map. A couple of fights later, HLE found themselves in a 10K gold deficit and with their opponent taking both the Baron and the Cloud Soul, there wasn't anything they could've done as DragonX took game one.

In the second game, HLE looked much more focused as every overextending from the side of DragonX got punished quickly. The game was much slower compared to the previous one with the gold being dead-even and only 13 kills were seen by the 30-minute mark. 

In the 33rd minute, all five DRX players made a terrible mistake by collapsing on Elise and Ornn in the top lane, while the Hawhu's bot lane duo marched their way into the base, taking down the Nexus.

Riot Games Leaugue of Legends profesional game stats on the LCK broadcast Gankplank showed up big in the third game

We've seen some early game action in game three as both teams roamed, especially to the mid lane. A team fight in the 13th minute on the bottom lane went heavily in DRX's favour as they almost aced their opponents with Haru being the only man left alive.

Hanwha Esports didn't give up as they fought their way back into the game with some good team fights and the gold was back at being even. In the end, Howhu's team composition simply had too much firepower with the double ADC setup and after a clean ace, they finally managed to finish the reverse sweep.

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