League of Legends LCK: DragonX versus Gen.G - match of the day review

Published: 16:07, 04 April 2020
Updated: 16:13, 04 April 2020
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League of Legends professional LCK Gen.G players
Gen.G were looking to regain their form

On the first day of week 7 in the LCK, we've seen a true League of Legends classic between DragonX and Gen.G. Much hype was created around the series since both teams are potential title contenders based on the current standings.

Both teams opted for a somewhat standard draft for the first game with strong gankers in the jungle. The first big team fight happened in the 12th minute with DragonX's Chovy getting four kills with Zoe.

From that point on, the DRX's mid laner seemed impossible to stop as his constant roams resulted in a bunch of kills on the side lanes. 20 minutes in, the gold difference was 4K in favour of DragonX with the majority of the lead being on the 9-0 Zoe.

Gen.G tried to fight their way back into the game but any team fight they went in turned out disastrous for them. A 10K gold deficit in 32 minutes was simply impossible to come back from and a team fight on the mid lane proved to be the final nail in the coffin as DragonX took game one.

Similar to the first game, both teams got themselves a standard set of champions in game two, with Gen.G picking up Galio with the intention to reduce Chovy's impact on LeBlanc. Going into the 25th minute we've only seen five kills overall and the gold was fairly even.

Even though Gen.G got the Baron buff, DragonX's demonstration of perfect team fighting turned the gold lead in their favour. From that point on, DRX took the initiative as they picked up four dragons, on top of the Cloud Soul and Baron buff.

Riot Games League of Legends LCK postgame stats Gen.G lacked firepower in game two

Just like in the previous game, the gold lead together with the pressure around the whole map enabled DragonX to destroy tower after tower and march their way to their opponents' Nexus.

Gen.G's base couldn't hold on any longer and a final push around the 40-minute mark sealed the deal in the series in favour of the DragonX.

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