League of Legends LCK: Damwon Gaming versus GenG match review

Published: 15:40, 26 March 2020
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GenG are looking like the best team in the LCK so far with a 9-1 record going into this game. On the other side, Damwon Gaming's recent performances were a bit lackluster as they've now lost three games in a row. The series featured some interesting picks we haven't seen in a while.

In the first game, Damwon went for an early game team composition with the Kalista top for Nuguri while GenG, on the other hand, drafted a rather scaling set of champions. Right from the beginning, we've seen some early action as the smite-fight on Gromp resulted in a team fight with GenG coming on top.

The Kalista top got completely shut down by getting repeatedly ganked from Jarvan. The game was basically over at this point since DWG couldn't utilize their early game picks as GenG's scaling champions got stronger by each minute.

Finally in the 28th minute, after taking a majority of the objectives, GenG simply ran over DWG in a team fight and the game was over. The second game draft was a flex fiesta, and we got to see a long-forgotten top lane match-up between Nuguri's Jayce and Rascal's Akali.

Compared to the previous one, this game was much slower as both teams went for a reactive playstyle - simply waiting for their opponent's mistake. Neutral objectives and turrets were exchanged over the map and the gold was almost dead-even by the 25-minute mark.

DWG's took four Mountain Dragons, and the shield and resistances the Soul provides really came in handy for them as the enemy team had two assassins on the solo lanes.

Riot Games League of Legends LCK postgame stats Nuguri's 1v9 performance in the second game wasn't enough

After a team fight went in DWG's favour, it seemed like the game was over as they rushed in their opponents base, but GenG's champions respawned just in time to repel the initial attack. The crucial moment of the game happened in the 34th minute as Jarvan - against all odds - performed a miracle Baron steal and Damwon got completely wiped.

A healthy minion wave on the top lane enabled GenG to march their way to the Nexus where they, once again, solidified themselves as the number one team in the LCK.

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