League of Legends - How Evil Geniuses Stole Baron From Team Liquid

Published: 04:45, 26 April 2022
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All over social media, the recent baron steal in the LCS has been the talk of, well, the week. But, how does an AD carry manage to steal a baron from a professional jungler with smite?

These days, the showdown between Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses is the talk of the League of Legends community. The match was nothing special by itself, but what happened at the 29-minute mark was what seared the game into the brains of everyone watching.

Up until that point, Team Liquid had a solid lead of 1.4 thousand gold and were making a Baron call, after taking out three members of the enemy team.

The AD carry of Evil Geniuses, Danny, however, had something to say about that, and with his support contested the Baron, not only wiping the entire enemy team, but also stealing it from under their noses.

What is interesting, however, was the reason Baron Nashor was stolen, even though Team Liquid had smite, and had used it on the Baron. A forgotten Baron mechanic is that Baron gains 180 health every minute from spawning, even while in combat.

Riot Games League of Legends - Ruination Baron League of Legends - Ruination Baron

Unfortunately, team Liquide used smite at the exact moment that the 29-minute mark was sounded, and Baron gained enough health to survive the smite, and get killed by one Jinx auto-attack.

The mechanic makes no sense, as the Baron should either not gain health while in combat, or unlike champions, have it gain maximum health without it being applied at once. To make matters worse, this mechanic is already patched in Wild Rift and still remains in League of Legends, causing a one in million occurrence of unfortunate frame-perfect events.

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