League of Legends: G2 versus Origen was easily our match of the day

Published: 11:52, 07 March 2020
Updated: 12:10, 09 March 2020
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Can anyone stop G2?

G2 and Origen - chaos and creativity are the two words to describe these teams. G2's troll pick rate dropped this game as they drafted a somewhat normal composition. Sadly for Origen, a small mistake like missing an Orianna ult is enough for G2 to snatch the win.

With the last year's international success and the Spring split being as competitive as ever, it's safe to say that the LEC has been quite enjoyable to the majority of Esports fans around the world.

After their last clash, Origen got absolutely dominated as they couldn't find the answer to G2's Soraka top. Sadly for Origen, this week the LEC was still played on the 10.4 patch which means that the support top lane nerfs haven't kicked in yet.

Right from the beginning, G2 showed that, unlike many other drafts, they were taking this one seriously, to try and show Origen that they can beat them at their own game. Even though Jankos on Lee Sin completely exposed Zac's lack of dueling power in the early game, a couple of bad plays put OG slightly in front by the 5-minute mark.

Many early game fights went back and forth and heading into the 20th minute, the total gold remained almost dead even. Both teams were sitting in the mid lane for good 4 or 5 minutes as neither wanted to give up mid-lane priority. Small exchanges were made as turrets were traded across the map.

The crucial moment of the game happened in the river when Nukeduck whiffed a crucial Orianna ultimate which ultimately resulted in Baron for G2 with the Cloud soul on top.

Riot Games League of Legends player Alphari Alphari watches in despair as G2 take the Nexus

There were some moments when Origen tried to bounce back but G2's lead proved to be too big as they snowballed fight after fight. Finally though, after taking out four of the OG's members, they marched their way through the mid lane to the nexus where Alphari could just watch as G2 once again seemed like a fish too big for Origen to catch.

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