League of Legends: Fnatic vs G2 match fans the flames of excitement once again

Published: 22:00, 07 March 2020
Updated: 12:04, 09 March 2020
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League of Legends pro player Caps on stage
Claps back in business

The match of the week met our expectations as we've seen everything from tense team fights to Baron steals. Fnatic built themselves a sizable gold advantage leading into the mid-to-late game. In the end, one team fight proved to be enough for G2 to snatch the win.

The match of the week was probably the most anticipated game of the regular season. LEC's biggest rivalry didn't disappoint as G2 and Fnatic, once again, fought for that top spot.

In their last game, Perkz's Ryze proved to be too big of a powerhouse since FNC couldn't deal with his constant split push. This time around FNC fans can expect a more competitive game as their team's form improved and they're looking much better now.

G2's early draft assured that Caps didn't go full Craps as they picked a fairly safe Ezreal-Yuumi bot lane. They also shocked everyone by locking the Janna top into Bwipo's Sett. Fnatic, on the other hand, opted for a more balanced team composition. We didn't see any cheesy level one plays which is pretty unusual when these masters of shenanigans go head to head.

Even though both teams drafted strong early game junglers, no big casualties were taken by the 10-minute mark. G2 opened the kill count as Ezreal took out Sett on the bot lane. We got our first taste of bloodshed in the 16th minute when both teams went even in an elongated team fight. Twenty minutes in Fnatic were in the driver's seat as a couple more team fights went in their favour.  

They made a mistake by coinflipping the Baron as Jankos came in clutch with the smite steal. A couple of back and forth team fights went both ways but the crucial point of the game came in the 33rd minute when Fnatic's bad positioning resulted in them getting wiped. 

Riot Games League of Legends pro players G2 Troll rate up - win rate up

With the long respawn timers, all G2 had to do was march down mid-lane, and for the second time this split, prove that they really are Europe's number one.

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