LCS spring split mid-season review: best performers

Published: 09:16, 02 March 2020
Updated: 12:10, 09 March 2020
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Cloud9 player Vulcan
Cloud 9 enjoying their perfect run

With the first half of the spring split behind us, we've decided to give our mid-season shout-outs to the best performers in each of the five roles. Note that because Cloud9 have had a perfect split, they won't be included in our list since they would probably top the spot for each role.

Top lane - BrokenBlade

With Bjergsen's development to the control mage playstyle over the years, the team seemed to lack a carry oriented player. BrokenBlade's carry performances had TSM fans wondering if they could repeat their last year's spring split finals run. This team, unlike probably any other in the league, plays a top lane centric style. Top lane is an island, isn't it? Well, that is true if you don't have Dardoch as your jungler and if it wasn't for him - this young top laner would probably give his place to some other top performer on the list like V1PER or ssumday.

Jungle - Xmithie

Jungle was arguably the hardest choice on this list. Immortals have probably exceeded everyone's expectations by currently sitting in fifth place. Many of their matches went deep into the late game where they had to rely on their shot caller's decisions. Xmithie being one of the most experienced veterans in the league navigated his team in those late stages of the game. Even though he's mostly recognized by his utility jungler picks (like Sejuani or Gragas), he had some hard carry performances as well like the Cho'Gath game.

Xmithie never gets the praise he deserves and kind of always flies under the radar. The fact that every team he has left had major struggles replacing him in the jungle speaks to how underrated he actually is. Since this was a pretty hard choice to make, we'll put Dardoch and Santorin as our two honourable mentions.

Riot Games Immortals player Xmithie on stage Immortals - Xmithie

Mid lane - PowerOfEvil

As previously mentioned, the C9 golden boys won't be on the list but if there was a player that would put Nisqy's spot in danger, it would probably have to be PowerOfEvil. This mid laner has been a constant carry threat so far and contrary to the popular belief that he's a control mage player only, he smashed some games with picks we haven't seen him previously on, like the Rumble games. He has great synergy with both his jungler and support (Santorin and Ignar) so it's no surprise they have a pretty good 8-4 record so far.

ADC - Bang

If you exclude Zven, picking our top spot for the AD carry role was no easy job. Normally this one would be a no-brainer with Doublelift as the most successful player in the NA LCS history, but with the struggle his team has been going through, the choice becomes much more difficult. We know Bang has seen some criticism for being too passive in the game - he even had a 0/0/0 game - but our criteria for the ADC role is damage output with as few deaths as possible and that's probably the only reason we gave him an upper edge over players like Wildturtle, who is more of a do-or-die kind of ADC.

Support - Ignar

Ignar was an easy choice since he's been the catalyst for Flyquest and, as mentioned before, their jungle-mid-support synergy is what makes this team a potential title contender. Even though his constant roaming causes Wildturtle to have a somewhat bad CSD (minion difference), the payoff is much bigger. Many consider PowerOfEvil to be the primary carry for this team but if you pay close attention - Ignar is the guy that initiates most of the fights and with great success at that.

Riot Games FlyQuest player Ignar FlyQuest - Ignar

This concludes our top picks for the first half of the season. It's safe to say that the list could well change towards the end of the season since we could be facing a tank meta due to the recent jungle changes.

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