LCK will start franchising in 2021

Published: 14:58, 06 April 2020
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All the major competitive League of Legends regions have switched to franchising except for LCK by now and the Korean league will switch to this system, come next year.

Franchising has two sides, as most things in life do. On one hand, the chance of seeing teams made up of completely unknown names that proceed to demolish everything during their debut year will be all but thrown out the window but there are several positive sides as well.

LCK is known for breakout stars since teams like Griffin and Damwon Gaming came out of nowhere and refreshed the scene with the new players hungry for success, which is the reason why franchising might hurt the league in some ways. 

However, LCK has had some major issues with player contracts, like the Kanavi one which is the most recent. The financial stability that comes with increased minimum wage due to franchising will, therefore, be one of the most welcome changes to LCK.

The talented young players will still have their chance through the academy rosters which will have their own competition. While entire teams of rookies will not be seen around anymore, talented individuals will still have their chance at making it big as such cases were already seen in LCS, LEC and LPL where fantastic players were drafted from the academy rosters.

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Keep in mind that teams will no longer be relegated if they place in the bottom spots on the ladder, meaning that if JinAir Green Wings purchase a spot, the fans will have many years of their favourite team in Korea's top flight to look forward to.

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