Evil Geniuses acquire Huni, possibly building the team for 2021

Published: 13:53, 28 May 2020
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Huni's time at Dignitas is over and the player found his new home at Evil Geniuses although it's unknown whether he will be starting LCS or the Academy squad.

Dignitas and Huni made headlines close to the start of the latest Spring split when the team signed the player with an enormous contract which was meant to span two years and the top laner would be paid $2.3 million in the process.

It was not meant to be as Dignitas had a rough split and failed to qualify for the play-offs. Huni was then allowed to look for other opportunities and the contract ended roughly half a year after it was signed. There is currently no data on how much of the original sum was paid out during this time.

Fast forward to May 28, 2020, ESPN reports that Huni has now joined up with Evil Geniuses who had a much more successful split, coming in second during the regular season and third in the play-offs. 

Whether the paycheck will be lower is pretty much no question at this point but the more uncertain question is where Huni will fit on EG. In order to get Huni in the starting roster, the team would have to give up on fielding either Bang in marksman role or Jiizuke in midlane due to Riot's restrictions on imports.

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Then again, Huni needs to play only in half the matches of a split on either EG or EG Academy in order to get American citizenship, which would open the doors for different roster changes in EG. For now, it looks like EG are building a team for the next season and Huni may very well end up on their academy roster initially.

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