Review: Zombie Army Trilogy - Solid on Switch

Published: 23:12, 31 March 2020
Key art for Zombie Army Trilogy.
Set phasers to widespread carnage.

Zombie Army Trilogy is a generous dose of zombie slaying content, bundling together two DLC packs with a third campaign, seamlessly stitched together into one cohesive package. With the release of this Switch port, you can now slay on the go.

Nintendo's hybrid wonder box seems to be immune from port fatigue; if anything, the novelty of being able to play Overwatch on the loo, or The Witcher 3 on the bus, is enough to satiate even the most jaded of re release naysayers. The flexibility it affords makes it a perfect fit for some Nazi zombie murdering action, with Rebellion's revisit to their popular co-op shooter a competent, jam packed offering. 

Online, local wireless, and solo play are available from the off, with all levels unlocked and easily able to be mixed and matched to suit your mood. 

The lack of in built chat support on Switch hardware (hardly Rebellion's fault) makes the online side of things a little trickier, particularly on the higher difficulty levels. While third party solutions provide a suitable alternative when gaming with real world buddies, you might find it tough co-coordinating with the general populous. 

Thankfully, it's not a cerebral experience by any stretch of the imagination; the brilliance of this series is that you don't have to devote significant chunks of grey matter to getting through most encounters. 

That being said, don't underestimate the closing chapters of each "episode", or the challenge posed when you ratchet up that difficulty slider a notch or two. Although you can balance enemy numbers to scale relative to the folks in your squad, you'll need to have your wits about when things really escalate. 

Rebellion Zombie Hitler in Zombie Army Trilogy. Hitler's zombie eczema is really getting out of... HAND.

Some graphical compromises have visibly been made to squeeze the game onto Switch. Texture detail is noticeably janky in places, with some fairly plain looking character models. 

At the same time, we have to give props where it's due, and acknowledge the strong performance optimisation. Frame rate seems to remain steady even in the more frantic moments, and there have been no cuts to gore, dismemberment, or animation. It's actually a pretty impressive feat, and when played docked with a Pro controller, Zombie Army Trilogy is just as responsive as one could hope.

We also want to acknowledge some slightly fiddly control interactions, particularly when picking up ammo from different sources. This has somewhat been addressed in the sequel Dead War, but it's something that was definitely noticeable here. 

On the whole, Zombie Army Trilogy has made the leap to Switch in confident fashion. Local wireless support is a lovely touch, elevating this version beyond a mere copy and paste of past releases. If you're looking for a co-operative videogame equivalent of Inglorious Bastards meets Dead Snow, then you've come to the right place.

Rebellion Fighting back the horde in Zombie Army Trilogy. That gas mask won't save you now.


Zombie Army Trilogy is available now for Switch. Also available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Review copy provided by Rebellion. 

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