The Division 2 Max Boomer Bailey raid boss walkthrough

Published: 17:26, 17 May 2019
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The Division 2

The Division 2 Dark Hours raid has come out and its difficulty may turn many players away. One of the major obstacles proved to be the first boss, Max "Boomer" Bailey that may be a bit confusing at first but this guide should simplify it.

Max "Boomer" Bailey boss fight is basically one big game of hot potato, except you can't pass the potato and use it as bait. To beat this boss, you need to know the layout of the room where you will be fighting him.

From the moment the team enters the said room, there will be two mounted miniguns in opposite corners - one in the corner immediately to the right of where you entered and one in the left corner on the far side of the room. Remember these, they are crucial to mission success.

There are four other points of interest - the four bullet deflection nodes. They are placed close to each corner of the room and the two miniguns, therefore, cover two nodes each. Enemies walking close to active nodes will be immune to damage and you will need to shoot the node down using one of the miniguns in order to kill anything that's in the node's vicinity. Four laptops can be found close to the centre of the room but more on that later.

Keep in mind that these nodes don't get destroyed permanently - they will respawn after a while. There wasn't a clear number at the time of writing but most estimates seem to be around one minute.

Clearing all four nodes and any hostiles in the room will cause Boomer to come bursting through the door. This is where the actual challenge begins.

Ubisoft Picture of a heavy with a minigun in The Division 2 The Division 2

This guy is a heavy, wielding a minigun that can ruin your day by punching either you or any of your teammates. Thankfully, there is an obvious indicator that shows who Boomer is targeting. It looks like a red eye that will show next to an agent's nameplate or right next to your HUD cluster that shows the count of your grenades, medkits and ability cooldowns.

Boomer entirely immune to your bullets, regardless of whether he's standing next to a node or not. To take his immunity down, you will have to use the miniguns to shoot his backpack. Considering these weapons are immobile, you will have to bait him in the correct position so he faces the wall opposite of minigun. This task will fall to whoever is targeted by the boss.

Once you shoot his backpack enough, he will fall to a kneeling position at which point it's safe to approach Boomer and shoot him in the head as much as you'd like. And yes, focus your fire on the head - he isn't moving so it's free extra damage.

The whole process does not sound too complicated but there are a few catches. First, Boomer can walk up to a minigun and destroy it. Should this happen with both miniguns, the encounter will fail and you have to do it all over again.

There is no timer when he will approach the minigun on his own, it specifically happens when the person that Boomer is focused on walks too close to the weapon. This will cause the big baddie to detach from his target and go ruin the minigun instead.

Ubisoft Some SHD agents posing in a promo poster for Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 The Division 2 - Dark Hours

In other words, if you have a red eye on you, it's best to kite him close to the centre of the room. This way you will not be close to the minigun so he can destroy it and you will not be too far from the weapon so the person on the emplaced weapon can accurately shoot the boss' backpack.

Another caveat is that Boomer will periodically heal himself. This will be indicated when the device on his chest starts glowing. It doesn't take much to disable the device though - shoot it with regular guns. It does require all eight players to keep close attention though.

The third thing to keep in mind is that the bullet deflection nodes keep popping up from time to time. Remember the laptops I mentioned earlier? Four players can use the laptops simultaneously when ISAC prompts you in order to prevent the corresponding node from coming back. If you don't feel like communicating that much, you can also hop on a minigun and shoot the nodes down again.

Massive Entertainment Picture of an SHD agent taking cover in The Division 2 The Division 2

All in all, the whole encounter is just doing what you are prompted to. In a nutshell, the prompts are as follows:

  • If Boomer is targetting you, kite him close to the middle of the room and let your friend shoot him in the back with a minigun. 
  • If a node is about to pop up, use the laptop to prevent that from happening. As the fight goes on there will be more than one node popping up and corresponding laptops need to be used at the same time. Alternatively, mount a minigun and destroy any active nodes.
  • If you notice Boomer is healing or that his chest started glowing - shoot the healing device on his front torso as soon as possible. It is not a bullet sponge, regular weapons will do the trick quickly and his backpack doesn't need to be damaged in order to shoot the healing device.

There are no different stages of Boomer boss fight. It is all rinse and repeat until the big guy is dead. The trick is all eight members of the team need to know what to do at any given moment.

If you need further instruction, it would be a good idea to take a look at the first team in the world that finished Dark Hours  or read up on tips from the who did it. Good luck.

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