The Division 2: Where to find all Warlords of New York Exotics

Published: 10:26, 04 March 2020
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The Division 2 - Chameleon
The Division 2 - Chameleon

Warlords of New York has launched in The Division 2 just recently but data miners have managed to bring out a lot of useful info regarding the Exotic weapons and gear. Now we can all know where to farm each of these beauties.

Warlords of New York added several interesting Exotics, including the tribute to the late Bullet King and an extremely interesting Exotic mask. Here is where to find all the Exotic weapons and armour, along with their drop chances.


  • The Bighorn (AR)  - Legendary missions and strongholds, 5% drop chance
  • Bullet King (LMG) -  Rikers missions. 
    • Drop chance: 1% (Normal), 3% (Hard), 5% (Challenging), 7% (Heroic)
  • Lady Death (SMG) - Deck of 22 bounties in New York, 3% drop chance
  • The Ravenous (Rifle) - To be added in the future
  • Regulus (Pistol) - To be added in the future


  • Coyote's Mask (Mask) - Season 1 pass reward at level 35
  • "Tardigrade" Armour System (Chest) - True Sons missions
    • Drop chance: 1% (Normal), 3% (Hard), 5% (Challenging), 7% (Heroic)
  • Acosta's Go-bag - Faction crates, 3% chance
  • Imperial Dynasty (Holster) -Cleaners missions
    • Drop chance: 1% (Normal), 3% (Hard), 5% (Challenging), 7% (Heroic)
  • NinjaBike Messenger Kneepads (Kneepads) - Dark Zone supply drops, 3% chance

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 to be released in spring of 2019

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Ubisoft have revealed The Division 2 gameplay along with the most important info which fans were hoping was and that is the release date for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed that sequel is going to launch 15 March 2019.

Coyote's Mask looks incredibly useful on paper since it provides significant bonuses to both the player and all their teammates. You can check its stats on the datasheet provided by diligent agents from The Division Community Discord . The data mining was performed by Ahmad#0001 from the same server.

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