Newest Nintendo Switch releases in the fourth week of July 2020

Published: 23:22, 21 July 2020
Crysis remastered cover
The great return

In the wake of the Paper Mario: The Origami King, the number of new title releases for the Switch is not slowing down. With many great titles in the mix, this list will lay out some of the best ones being released this week.

Starting the list off is Creaks, a puzzle adventure game set in a heavily stylized dark world.

While on their journey through the world inhabited with avian people, the player encounters a plethora of puzzles involving light and quick thinking.

Venturing ever deeper to defeat the Creaks, monsters that turn into furniture when shone on by a light source.

The game is a very story-based experience, using interesting mechanics to present a challenge to players on every turn.

A handpainted esthetic combined with excellent sound design sets the mood for a really interesting and slightly eerie puzzle-solving experience.

Amanita Design Creaks cover The weird world awaits

Next on the list is Cyber Complex, the arcade action-strategy game that has you traverse a corporations system for mass mind control in a dystopian cyberpunk future.

With a "capture the objective" goal across levels, navigation, timing and forethought are key to survive each level.

The simple mechanics and a brief story meant to progress the gameplay, the appeal of the game comes from its intensity and the way it places more and more obstacles in the way, slowly introducing a greater level of difficulty.

CARRION, besides being the synonym for a dead body, is also the name of the reverse horror game in which you play as an amorphous mass of flesh that has broken from its confines and is now on a revenge mission against its captors.

You go around the underground labyrinth, unlocking new abilities, depositing mass to change shape and growing with every human you consume along the way.

The game is playable in all sorts of ways, as a beast going berserk, or a stealthy predator, picking off pray one by one. But in all cases, doing so requires great care, because they pray is armed with weapons that can kill you, as well as the dangerous environment that could cost you dearly if you lose track of your surroundings.

Devolver Digital Carrion cover Consume, adapt, evolve

Finishing off the list is an old classic, revived in a new light. Crysis Remastered, the iconic FPS that won the adoration of fans the world over makes its way to the switch with a fresh new look.

The games initial 2007 release date has given the game plenty of time to mature, and it still looks as good as ever despite the age.

This new version aims to give it a tuneup with thirteen years of experience and technological advancements.

It should require no introductions, given its fame and the time it spent being one of most liked FPS games of its era.

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