Red Dead Online discounts and bonuses for the week of January 19, 2021

Published: 18:29, 19 January 2021
Red Dead Online - bonuses for the week of January 19
Red Dead Online - bonuses for the week of January 19

Bootleggers and Naturalists of Red Dead Online can look forward to a week of double RDO$ and Role XP payouts. Showdown modes offer double XP and Gold. Play Red Dead Online this week to earn 3,000 Club XP and 5 Potent Health Cures.

Everyone interested in Bootlegging across the world of Red Dead Online will earn Double RDO$ and Role XP payouts if they choose to venture into any Moonshine Story and Bootlegger Mission during the week. 

There's also a 50 per cent off discount on the cost of moving your Moonshine Shack to a location with more foot traffic. 

Meanwhile, Naturalists should keep an eye out - Naturalist Free Roam Events are awarding double Role XP and paying back double RDO$ as well.

Double XP and Gold in Showdown modes

Now’s also the ideal time to hone your competitive chops: all Showdown Modes and Races are paying out double the usual XP and Gold until January 25.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

Weekly bonuses 

Anyone who plays Red Dead Online this week will receive 3,000 Club XP and 5 Potent Health Cures to help them in their voyages. Players who own the Outlaw Pass No. 4 will receive Rewards good for a free Shirt and Hat (both below Rank 15), and a free Vest with no rank restriction. 

Meanwhile, anyone who has already surpassed Club Rank 50 will receive an Offer for 40 per cent off a Non-Role Pamphlet of their choice.

Weekly Discounts

  • 30 per cent off all Pistols
  • 40 per cent off all gun belts and off-hand holsters
  • 40 per cent off all coats
  • 30 per cent off horses, including but not limited to Turkoman, Breton & Gypsy Cob
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