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YouTuber played League of Legends on milkshakes

Published: 18:45, 28 October 2019
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League of Legends - Singed
League of Legends - Singed

People have pulled many stunts with unconventional input devices but the latest one just has to take the cake. A German YouTuber, Maxim, played League fo Legends on four milkshakes instead of a keyboard.

ATwerkingYoshi is usually the YouTuber one pictures when unconventional means of input are mentioned. He did beat Dark Souls 3 with a Guitar Hero controller and Sekiro using bongos, after all.

However, this gem comes from another YouTuber, named Maxim. The absolute mad lad ordered four milkshakes and used them as an input method instead of a normal keyboard. Unfortunately, he didn't find a way to use milkshakes instead of a mouse but slurping the dairy goodness to activate your ulti has to count for something.

Each of the four milkshakes served as an activator for the assigned ability. Considering Maxim picked Singed, the need for ability input was minimised due to the toggle nature of his Poison Trail.

Still, unlike Yoshi's successful runs, Maxim's milkshake adventures with Singed didn't prove to be efficient as even Twitch, who laned with him, got frustrated enough to leave in an attempt to find his fortune somewhere else. Maybe he would have better input response if his beverages were shaken, not stirred.

Barring Maxim's vexed teammates, the experience probably proved to be interesting for anyone who saw it.

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