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Why Upset isn't playing for Fnatic at LoL Worlds 2021

Published: 12:56, 11 October 2021
League of Legends - Fnatic Upset
League of Legends - Fnatic Upset

If you tuned in to a Fnatic match at Worlds 2021, you probably noticed the team is missing their regular marksman, which was a last-minute change in the roster.

One day before the League of Legends World Championship 2021 group stage started, Fnatic announced that they would be playing without one of their best performers in that past season, the marksman Elias "Upset" Lipp. If you missed the news, it wouldn't be too weird due to the short notice and unexpectedness of the situation but here we are.

Fnatic posted the roster update on their official Twitter account and the reason for Upset's absence appears to be an urgent family matter. Considering that he worked extremely hard and couldn't wait to compete at the biggest LoL tournament of the year, it's highly unfortunate something like this happened.

The same tweet asked the fans to respect Upset's privacy, which brings a rather grim tone to the entire situation so it might be best not to pester the player for the time being. He had to leave Iceland due to the emergency so it's quite possible he will miss out on more than just a handful of group stage matches.

Fnatic will start with Louis "Bean" Schmitz, the academy team's marksman, who is often seen as one of the brightest upcoming talents in League of Legends. That said, they didn't have much time to scrim and prepare with the substitute marksman so let's hope it works out as best as possible.

Even more, we wish Upset the best and hope the weight of the family emergency ends up as light as possible.

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