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Why League of Legends fans are so unhappy with Eternals

Published: 13:40, 09 March 2020
Riot Games
League of legends eternals guide tool
Eternals - a pay-to-track my stats tool?

League of Legends players are far from happy with the new Eternals since despite it having an option to be turned off. The kind of "in your face" display can be a tilting experience from a stat-tracking feature that should have been present in the game from day one.

A couple of hours after releasing the 10.5 patch, Riot Games introduced the new stat-tracking feature called Eternals to the live servers, which enables players to showcase their achievements in the game. Hitting a big milestone will allow you to flex on both your allies and your enemies.

Even though the wait for this feature wasn't exactly filled with as much hype, most of the players had a somewhat positive take on it at first since getting an accomplishment actually requires some truly decent skill as opposed to the mastery system they've already had.

Despite there being an option to disable Eternals , some League of Legends players are still rather unsatisfied with the feature after its release. Certain players claim that paying for a sense of accomplishment is wrong to begin with, with others saying said that it only provides more tilt to the game.

Seeing that you've just been someone's 100th Insec on your death screen while getting camped on your lane and going 0/4 in 15 minutes will most certainly not help to get your head back in the game.

Also, a big problem according to some comments are the lousy rewards as the only thing you can get, besides a sense of pride, are emotes which no one really cares about in the first place. Giving out shards, essence or even gemstones for finishing an entire series would certainly give some sort of genuine sense to the system.

Implementing the feature as a reward in the loot system would probably be one of the solutions as well but it could also lower your chances of getting a skin shard which - let's face it - is the primary thing most of the players are hoping for while opening a chest.

Riot Games League of Legends Eternals logo with all the 6 types Will Eternals become the new Emotes?

Even though this is one of the few things in the game that you can spend your stacks of Blue Essence on, it's safe to say that the feature will only increase the already large gap between enjoying the game when winning and being tilted off the face of the earth when losing.

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