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Why is Nami the most banned support in League of Legends preseason

Published: 06:55, 14 December 2021
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League of Legends - Nami, The Tidecaller
League of Legends - Nami should go back to empowering allies, and not indirectly one-shotting squishies

How does an enchanter such as Nami, which does not have the obnoxious ability such as polymorph, get the highest ban rate of all support champions, in a meta that does not particularly favor the enchanters? The reasons are not so simple.

Nami, The Tidecaller, may just be one of League of Legends' best-designed champions. In all the years since her release, which was a long time ago, all the way back in 2012, Nami's ban rate has always been the lowest amongst all champions, especially supports, no matter the meta or if she was strong in it.

Recently, however, this has changed. Now Nami sports a higher ban rate than Pyke, a support champion that most of the player-base hates. So, how did this come to be?

As stated before, Nami is one of the best-designed champions in the game. Her kit is well-rounded, with her cc being good but with a fair chance of dodging, her peel not being quite up to the level of Janna, and her heals not quite measuring up to Soraka.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Lucian League of Legends - Victorious Lucian

What has made Nami so oppressive, both in lane and in-game in general, is the fact that she can proc Electrocute very easily with her W, all from the safe distance behind her ADC, while dealing as much damage as a mage, and giving her ADC a heal and enabling him to engage more easily with the movement speed buff to continue the burst and delete whatever enemy is in his path, provided it is not a dedicated tank. Thus her well-rounded kit remains, with her damage going off the charts.

We have seen this most in Worlds, with the Lucian in the ADC position, but other champions may work as well.

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