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When and where to watch League of Legends' Arcane premiere

Published: 17:49, 06 November 2021
Riot Games
Arcane poster
Arcane poster

League of Legends' first official animated show is mere hours from its premiere and you can watch it without any subscriptions, provided you tune in at the right time.

League of Legends is immensely popular all over the world and an animated series set in the world of Runeterra is something countless fans have been waiting for, for a very long time. The wait is almost at an end since you will be able to watch the premiere of Arcane on November 6, 2021.

The exact time of the Arcane premiere is 7:00 PM PT / 2:00 AM BST / 3:00 AM CET via Riot Games Twitch channel . This is obviously not ideal for European viewers but it is how it is. 

Those of us who aren't able to watch the live premiere will probably be able to catch a replay but the associated rewards on Twitch will only arrive if you are watching the live version. You can probably leave your PC on with the speakers off as to not wake anyone up, which should make you eligible for the loot, provided your connection doesn't break in the meantime.

You may be confused by the different starting times posted by Riot over the days leading up to the premiere but keep in mind that there will be a lengthy pre-show , starting as soon as 5:30 PM PT / 00:30 AM BST / 1:30 AM CET.

Caitlyn, Jayce, Vi and Jinxy skins will all be free in League of Legends but the exact details on how to obtain them are somewhat scarce.

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