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What can be expected of League of Legends 2022 preseason

Published: 04:20, 12 August 2021
Riot Games
Preseason 2022 may be as unruly as its predecessor
Preseason 2022 may be as unruly as its predecessor

From changing Summoner’s Rift, to building up and refining the item system with the Mythic Forge Update, the last two Preseasons focused on reimagining long-standing elements of League’s base game. Future plans expand on that notion.

The original goal, developers say, was to increase game-to-game variance by creating a variety of distinct and memorable environments for players to master. Rise of the Elements brought us map terrain transformations, new powerful Dragon Souls, and a game-ending Elder Dragon buff. 

These changes largely succeeded in making each game feel more unique than the last. With that said, but there’s room for expanding the possible unique environments players find themself in on Summoner's Rift.

  • Creating new terrain features that contribute to unique matches and alter how the game plays out after the map transforms,
  • Expanding the thematic possibilities of what empowers a dragon and how that empowers champions on the Rift.

The Mythic Forge Update brought a lot of change to itemization. Devs originally set out to ensure that all champions are able to make different strategic decisions through item choice in every game. While devs continue to think this is the right goal, player feedback has been heard, which emphasizes having to make a strategic decision about every item in a player's inventory isn’t always desired or possible, especially in high tension games.

What this will bring is:

  • More Mythic options for support champions,
  • Improved Legendary item options for mages, assassins, and tanks.

Riot Games League of Legends runes It's high time Inspiration gets on the level of other rune trees

Inspiration tree will be getting some much-needed changes as well, due to the fact that it has been undefined in its goal and purpose compared to other rune trees.

Also, one more mechanic will be implemented that may prove tricky to get right. Of course, we are talking about objective bounties. Another opportunity for players on the losing end to get back into the game, balancing it will surely be a lot of work.

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