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Warhammer 40K Gladius: Relics of War presents the Necrons

Published: 14:52, 29 June 2018
Proxy Studios
Picture of two massive units about to fight in Warhammer 40K Gladius
Warhammer 40.000 Gladius: Relics of War

Warhammer 40.000 Gladius: Relics of War will be released on 12 July 2018 for PC on both Steam and Slitherine and Proxy Studios are wrapping up the reveals for their strategy game, and now it's Necrons' turn to be revealed.

Necrons will be one of the four factions playable in Warhammer 40.000 Gladius: Relics of War, and as any loyal Warhammer 40K enthusiast knows, they are 60 million years old semi-sentient machines. It may sound weird, but these space skeletons are the most relatable race in 40K universe, since they slumber a lot and want to absolutely obliterate any life form that wakes them up.

The developers have described Necrons as the go to race in case players prefer "unusual and challenging" fights. This is due to Necrons' limited base building abilities as they can only do so on the sites of their ancient tomb-cities. In other words, they prefer to spend their days close to their beds. Tactically, this means these positions of power will be the prime points of focus for the Necrons to invade from.

Other than that, Necron troops don't have many limitations and even forego the some broader mechanics imposed on Orks, Imperial Guard and the Space Marines. They are more resilient than their enemies and units can be repaired on the go, meaning that players choosing Necrons should avoid prolonged fights in order to let the units repair themselves. 

Meanwhile, should one find themselves in a battle against the machines, they should focus on bringing single units down as quickly as possible, before the repairs kick in. This will prevent the war of attrition that the Necrons will usually strive to achieve.

Versatile armies shouldn't have much trouble catching up with any retreating Necrons as they are rather slow but they should be aware of the robots' dimensional corridors that allow teleportation. 

If one would seek to turn the tables in a war of attrition, it would be wise to cut Necros off from ore and other raw materials in order to prevent them from repairing and raising new units. Don't bother chasing food though, they don't need it.

Slitherine have revealed three units from the Necrons' roster - the Monolith, Night Scythe and Tesseract Vault. The Monolith is the oddball vehicle Necrons use for transport as well as laying waste to their enemies with gauss fire and the particle whip.

Proxy Studios Picture of a base built on a snowy terrain in Warhammer 40K Gladius Warhammer 40K Gladius: Relics of War

Night Scythe is a flying vehicle that can beam Necrons directly into the battle. It is a swift ship that can be used both as transport and a formidable fighter craft and is essential for flanking the enemies.

The Tesseract Vault is the perfect picture of the twisted nature of Warhammer 40.000 universe. It is a host and a prison to a Transcendent C'Than, a being of immeasurable power. These beings are normally extremely volatile and their destructive potential is enormous, so when Necrons deploy a Tesseract Vault, you know something is about to hit the fan.

Oddly enough, there is currently no standard edition for Warhammer 40K Gladius: Relics of War, but it is implied that there will be one after the game is launched. The Deluxe Edition currently costs $34,19 / €34,19 / £28.79 and it contains the soundtrack, wallpapers and a unique unit which is, uh, the Lord of Skulls. This is odd since Chaos Marines weren't announced as a faction yet.

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