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Valve officially launch the Steam News Hub

Published: 10:36, 15 December 2020
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Valve have officially launched the Steam News Hub, a centralised place for players to browse news, updates and events related to their favourite games.

"The News Hub is designed to be flexible and personalized around your games and preferences, with many customization options built in. By default, the News Hub shows posts from the games you play, wishlist, follow, or are recommended. Or, if you want to take full control, you can change all that with a few quick setting adjustments in the left-hand menu", the company wrote.

The News Hub first launched in March and it's been polished to perfection thanks to players, now replacing the regular news. 

By default, it will show you everything from the games you follow, games you wishlist and all the posts by developers of the games you play. You can access it from the horizontal menu, or by clicking Store > News. 

Furthermore, the News Hub lets you follow gaming sites around the globe, featured via a new menu item for Steam News Curators. Screenshots, videos, detailed guides and reviews, as well as blurbs that can be easily scanned are all accessible without the need to sift through the websites. 

Game updates and patch notes from the games you play are also featured. Valve reminded that not every developer posts patch notes with every update, which is why they've got some updates coming to help with that. 

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"Of course, the whole goal behind the Steam News Hub is to give you a personalized view of gaming news, so you get to choose what kind of content you want to see and what kind you don’t. If you wish, you can ignore individual news sources from within your feed by selecting the little menu below a post by that source and selecting 'mute' to exclude their news from your feed", Valve wrote. 

You can find the full announcement here .

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