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Steam Grand Prix has ended, Valve give out 5,000 more games

Published: 08:49, 09 July 2019
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Valve's Grand Prix gimmick has officially drawn to a close, but not before it caused some trouble, most notably with massive deletions of indie titles from Steam Wishlists. However, Valve prepared 5,000 reasons to forget about it.

"We realize that the race track had some unexpected turns – we tried to straighten them out when we could, and we’ll anticipate the curves better next time we invite you to the races", they wrote.

As for the aforementioned 5,000 reasons, they're only for those who took part in Steam's Grand Prix, as GabeN and the knights of the Steam table will be handing out some additional gifts to appease the disgruntled and non-disgruntled masses alike. 

"As an extra gift for those that participated, we have randomly selected 5,000 users that contributed from any team in the Steam Grand Prix to receive the top game from their wishlist. Users that were randomly selected will receive their gift within 48 hours from the end of the Steam Grand Prix", they said.

We hope that by now, everyone knows that Wishlists can be reordered and that games were never actually randomly picked from the list, so there's no need to be purging it of cheaper titles.

This happens to be exactly what happened recently as several indie developers reported of indies from Wishlists, because many players immediately turned to clearing the cheapest, i.e. indie, games from their list, in hope to maximise the chance of getting the priciest games.

Ultimately, it ended in the biggest purge of these games since they arrived on the platform, and although it was an honest mistake by Valve, indie developers were left hurting through no fault of their own.

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The timing of the issue has been pretty awful as well, since Grand Prix was the main gimmicks on Steam's Summer Sale, and the devs traditionally expected to be in the plus afterwards. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, which once again opened the discussion of whether Valve even care for indies, but that's a story for another time.

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