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Upset breaks social media silence, dispels some Fnatic rumours

Published: 02:49, 13 October 2021
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League of Legends - Sentinel Vayne
League of Legends - Sentinel Vayne

Several rumours appeared after Upset went missing from the FNC squad at LoL Worlds 2021 but he has now posted a few messages, laying some of them to rest.

Two days into the  League of Legends Worlds 2021 group stage, Fnatic are having trouble adapting to playing without Upset who had to abruptly leave just before the start. The nature of the ADC's departure from the tournament left countless fans with a lot of questions and unsatisfied curiosity but many have respected the player's right to privacy.

Those who kept coming up with theories, however, appear to have caught his attention and Upset briefly popped up on Twitter to clear a few things up.

He reiterated that this is indeed a family emergency and not some sort of coverup, noting that even though he strived for so long to make it to Worlds, there are things in life that are more important. Furthermore, the player didn't want to be so far away while there was "intense suffering" in the family and stated that returning home was the right choice.

Upset also specifically said he wouldn't leave such an important event due to petty reasons, which appears to be a direct response to one of the theories that popped up in a post-match thread after Fnatic went 0-2 in groups.

Meanwhile, the team looks mentally crushed and Fnatic fans will probably have to come to terms with ending the tournament early.

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