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Unknown bug causes League of Legends players to tab out of the game randomly

Published: 20:50, 04 March 2020
Riot Games
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The recent problems that cause the game to constantly tab out have given headaches to numerous League of Legends players experiencing this issue. Apparently these problems aren't caused by your PC or Windows updates as many of the summoners had assumed.

Over the last couple of days, a number of League of Legends players have been experiencing an in-game bug which causes their screen to tab out making the game almost impossible to enjoy. Getting tabbed out during an important play is excruciatingly frustrating to deal with.

Many players have been struggling to find the courage to start a ranked game since even a mere two-second break can have a huge impact on a late-game Baron play. According to the League of Legends subreddit community, these tab-outs don't come with the same or even similar frequency for all players.

While some of them stated that the problem occurred one or two times a day, there are players who have experienced this bug as often as every 7 to 10 minutes. That's approximately one pause per game phase (laning phase, mid-game, and late-game) and we can only imagine the frustration caused by losing a 50-50 Baron or whiffing a crucial ability such as Ornn's ultimate or Oriana Shockwave in the later stages of the game.

A brief summary of solutions suggested for these problems includes: updating Windows, going borderless, turning off Windows notifications, and even restarting the PC. While some players reported that it was a Windows problem due to the bug also appearing in other games, it was quickly dismissed since Mac users were going through the same struggle.

Even though this entire ordeal has had a negative effect on the current gaming experience thus far, many players have remained somewhat tolerant since the recently announced changes to the client could be the actual cause of this issue.

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While there are no definitive fixes that work equally well for everyone out there at the moment, small adjustments like the aforementioned changing of the screen to borderless could help out a little since it at least smoothens the transition between tabs.

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