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Unicorns of Love remove the entire League of Legends roster

Published: 01:13, 12 October 2021
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LoL Worlds 2021 seems like the season to announce a pile of big changes and Unicorns of Love used the opportunity to announce theirs.

Each L eague of Legends esports region has a team that excels but sometimes, local domination is not enough. This was the case with Unicorns of Love, who have been at the top of CIS for a long time now and pulled quite a few feats their immediate peers couldn't. 

However, the team could never find much success on the international scene, as evidenced by an internet-wide celebration that happened when UOL managed to qualify for the Worlds 2020 main event. They didn't manage to pick up a single win in the group stage though but they did vow to become better and come back to have another shot at the best teams in the world.

It was not meant to be as UOL didn't manage to qualify from the Play-In stage this time around and the team's future was left up in the air.

On October 11, 2021, the team announced a pretty radical change on Twitter. While the players weren't made free agents immediately, the team was willing to let them go at no charge and it seems like the wording of the announcement implies that either the players want to compete outside of the CIS or the team doesn't want them in opposing teams next season.

That said, UOL also noted they will not be leaving and are looking for more challenges in the region as well as hoping to do better in the future and get a bit further in the international tournaments.

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