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Ubisoft's untitled, Destiny-like game has been cancelled

Published: 10:30, 21 December 2019
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Ubisoft's untitled looter shooter has been cancelled. The Destiny-like game from Watch Dogs team was in development for over three years. Apparently, it's all part of Ubisoft's big restructuring plan after Breakpoint failure.

Ubisoft's latest AAA title Ghost Recon: Breakpoint recorded abysmal sales and extremely poor reviews which, by the looks of it, was more than enough to sound the alarm at the French publisher's HQ. Earlier this year, on the company's financial call, it's been announced that the publisher will try to do things differently in the future.

They explained that a mistake has been made with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and that in-development games will not follow the same pattern. Fast forward a couple of months and Ubisoft are taking the first steps to ensure that such a poor release never happens again.

Apparently, their Destiny-like looter shooter has been cancelled after more than three years of development. It was a brand new IP from the team that brought us Watch Dogs. This has been confirmed by Kotaku's Jason Schreier over at .

When asked if the cancelled game was Pioneer, Schreier replied that Pioneer was indeed cancelled but then got used for the upcoming co-op shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine.  "Yeah, just a cancelled new IP by the Watch Dogs team - I heard it was Destiny-like. Lots of big changes at Ubisoft. This is NOT Pioneer btw. Pioneer got cancelled and then the codename got used for Rainbow Six Quarantine or something like that," he explained.

He also confirmed that this is indeed an extension of the delays and development pipeline changes that were brought on by the failure of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and part The Division 2. Apparently, it's a push toward variety all across the publisher.

Fortunately, the development team that worked on the untitled game will be switched to other projects and none of the staff will be laid off. 

Screenshots from Ubisoft's shooter Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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