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Ubisoft share a first look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay

Published: 21:02, 10 December 2018
picture showing pig from beyond good and evil 2
Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft released 25-minute gameplay video of the upcoming action-adventure Beyond Good and Evil 2. The demo was a repeat of the video shown behind closed doors at E3 and it reveals the city of Ganesha, special abilities and augment system.

Despite being in very early pre-alpha stages, Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay was revealed by Ubisoft in their Space Monkey Report live stream on YouTube. The focus of the gameplay was augument system which allows the players to enhance their weapons and equip powerful abilities.

As seen in the 25-minute video, the abilities will allow the players to slow down enemies in time-slowing bubbles or freeze them completely with some sort of electric chain reaction. Also, enemies will be able to equip different augments to buff allies or use them against the player.

For example, enemy scientists will use them to heal soldiers with augmented bullets and in order to counter them with your skills, you'll use an item called Spyglass which will show the enemy's augments, skills and stats. You can use the same gadget for revealing points of interests and important locations in the game's world.

Another thing mentioned in the gameplay video is co-op and multiplayer. Players will be able to invite their friends for co-op play at any time but the game won't force you to stay together as you're free to roam while your buddies do their own thing. Of course, players who prefer single player experience will get to choose their own AI companions.

The city of Ganesha was also revealed and developers mentioned that the city is vertically built and the hights are reserved for rich and the very depths for the poor. It's similar to Cyberpunk 2077's idea and design of Night City and it looks like Ganesha City will also scale vertically and add space below and above the street level.

Ubisoft picture showing city in Beyond Good and Evil 2 City of Ganesha

Vehicles and vehicle customisation shown in the trailer revealed fully customisable engines, wings, modules and equipment along with cosmetic options such as decals, patterns and emblems.

The graphics looked pretty underwhelming but it's totally understandable as the game is still pretty early in development. That being said, Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay looks really promising and hopefully, Ubisoft nails it with this one.

Along with live stream, Ubisoft also revealed a gameplay trailer which is basically the whole gameplay stream condensed in 4 minutes. If you can't spare 25 minutes to take a at Beyond Good and Evil 2, watch the trailer on Ubisoft's channel.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 gallery of gameplay and cutscene screenshots

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Beyond Good and Evil 2

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