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First bits of Beyond Good & Evil 2 have finally been revealed

Published: 20:51, 04 May 2018
A picture of a statue of Ganesha, which is seems to be a deity in Beyond Good & Evil 2
Beyond Good & Evil 2

Fans have been waiting for 10 long years to finally see some gameplay footage from Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ubisoft have shown a few cuts during a developer livestream which held information about the game's progress. Here are our takeouts.

Gameplay footage in question can be seen in the video above. It shows character movement, melee combat and a spaceship battle. One of the video sections shows a character flying through the air with some sort of jet pack which hints at an emphasis on verticality. This theory is further compounded by the footage of double-bladed-staff-wielding character fighting enemies on a platform at high altitude.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 developer livestream revealed more however, such as the fact that players will be able to play as their own created character, unlike the first game. Some fans could already see this coming, as the game's co-op multiplayer was announced before, as well as character creation, but some players may have forgotten it by now since it was announced over a year ago.

There will also be a heavy emphasis on exploration and players will cruise with their pirate ship in search of pirates with highest potential to crew it. The game will have the same camera as the original and taking pictures will be done via a special spyglass device.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will offer more insight on the game's universe and characters' story. There will also be more info on the original Beyond Good & Evil's Jade and creation of the human-animal hybrids.

Developers have also shown a timeline for the game's universe, detailing humankind's journey from Golden Age of Technology that took place from 2040 to 2063 when the AI rebelled. This continues with development of the first talking hybrids in 2086 and humankind's eventual exodus from Earth in 2108.

Ganesha City shown in the video was formed in 2225, Golden Age of Space Piracy began in 2360, which is 55 years before Jade was born. Considering she was featured in some of the promotional footage, it is safe to say the game's plot will unfold in a period after 2415.

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