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Two singleplayer League of Legends games to release in 2020

Published: 18:30, 11 January 2020
Riot Games
Riot Forge promotional image, featuring Ekko
Riot Forge promotional image, featuring Ekko

Riot Games are coming in with a pile of news again, including the release window for the first two singleplayer games in League of Legends universe. However, they will not be the only LoL-related things coming in 2020, with a TV show and more on the way.

Ruined King and Conv/rgence are the two singleplayer titles that are aimed for a 2020 release. They will be published by Riot Games' label, Riot Forge, but as per the company policy so far, they will be developed by third-party studios. 

That doesn't mean the games have nothing to do with League though - they are both set in the same universe, on Runeterra. Ruined King will be a turn-based roleplaying game and it's currently unknown how much it will be connected with the . Meanwhile, Conv/rgence will be a platformer starring Ekko and will have time manipulation elements.

While these two are interesting enough on their own, Riot are releasing a lot of other content as well. Arcane, the animated TV show will also release in 2020. Riot confirmed it will follow two League champions as they were growing up in Zaun and Piltover. While unconfirmed, it is highly likely these two are Vi and Jinx as the former grew up in Zaun and the latter in Piltover. It is also possible the Piltovian girl is Caitlyn, who also has blue hair but the former two seem to have a more intricate and currently unexplained connection.

Those who would like a game that doesn't require a screen can look forward to Tellstones, a tabletop 2-player game. If this looks like something up your alley, you can sign up for more information on .

Riot Games Arcane - Piltover at day, with the protagonists in bottom left side Arcane - Piltover at day, with the protagonists in bottom left side

If you are a fan of Riot's cinematography, it appears the small indie studio will have several treats for you in 2020. Tales of Runeterra will be a collection of short videos, set across the planet. The plan seems to be to keep producing these for years, with several of them debuting in 2020.

In the near future, players can expect Sett to join the Rift as his release on 14 January 2020 is approaching.

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