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Twitch re-bans Fortnite player who assaulted his wife on stream

Published: 16:21, 05 January 2019
Updated: 17:14, 05 January 2019
picture showing twitch logo and charged streamer
Twitch re-bans streamer

After allowing him to return to their platform, Twitch has once again permanently banned Australian Fortnite player Luke Munday. The move comes after backlash from people on Twitter who noticed MrDeadMoth streaming after his initial ban.

In case you're unfamiliar with the whole situation, Luke Munday, know on Twitch as MrDeadMoth, assaulted his wife during one of his live streams in mid-December 2018. After the incident, Munday was arrested and charged with assault. Since then, he's beein dismissing the charges saying that many people judged the video without seeing "what happened off the camera."

Just a couple of weeks after the initial Twitch ban, MrDeadMoth appeared on the most popular streaming service once again. Munday streamed Fortnite and had thousands of viewers, which left some people on Twitter in disbelief. They voiced their concerns and called Twitch out, demanding that they ban the charged streamer permanently.

The situation even confused the director of Twitch Studios Marcus Graham who responded to messages of concerned Twitter users. "Yes, I work for Twitch. No, I do not know why every moderation decision is made. I appreciate many of you turning to me for answers, but I'm afraid I don't have any about this at this moment," Graham said and added that he is also concerned about the decision and "will look further into it."

Yesterday, on 4 January 2019, Twitch once again banned MrDeadMoth, and removed every bit of content from his channel. Now instead of his videos, a "content is unavailable" message pops up to everyone who visits the channel. At the moment we don't know if this ban will be a permanent one as Twitch usually maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.

Twitch picture showing twitch streamer playing Fortnite MrDeadMoth playing Fortnite before the assault

Their community guidelines clearly state that any type of harassment, assault or hateful conduct will not be tolerated. "Depending on the severity of the offence, harassers may be indefinitely suspended on the first violation", as Twitch's community guidelines say.

It remains unclear why Twitch would remove his ban to begin with. Munday is due in court next week and we will keep you updated on the situation once we have more info.

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