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Tron: Evolution DRM revokes buyers' licenses, pirates unaffected

Published: 19:08, 03 December 2019
Tron Evolution
Tron Evolution

People who bought Tron: Evolution on Steam have been locked out of their purchases unless highly specific conditions were met. This mess is courtesy of SecuROM and expired licenses but pirates were unaffected almost entirely.

SecuROM's reputation was already horrible even before this incident but those who purchased Tron: Evolution on Steam might start hating it even more now. For those not aware of this particular DRM product's history, it is filled with controversies, mostly started by the DRM ruining the players' experience one way or another.

The lists only a handful, including the asinine attempt by EA to pester purchasers of Mass Effect 3 to reactivate their software every 10 days. SecuROM's infamy persisted even after it largely stopped being used and the latest victims of this DRM are Tron: Evolution purchasers.

Tron: Evolution was delisted from Steam in mid-2019, apparently as a result of SecuROM subscription ending, but that's not even the worst part. People who picked the game up along the way but didn't have it installed lost access entirely.

Apparently, it was available for download until October 2019 when Steam users started getting errors about their serial codes being deactivated. Since stated players should contact Disney about the revoked licenses, some of them did. Disney by stating they are looking into patching the "hiccup" but have no ETA on the fix.

As a result of legitimate buyers not being able to access what they paid for, some usage of certain sites associated with flags that feature skull and crossbones.

Disney Tron Evolution Tron Evolution

Considering that DRM is used exactly to prevent piracy and SecuROM is notorious for being cracked easily, one could safely say that such "protection" has completely missed the mark, again. Pirates still got the game for free long ago and DRM only served to kick the legitimate buyers in the shins, again. 

We couldn't help but remember describing the relationship between paying players, DRM and pirates.

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