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Trackmania reboot pushed back to July 2020

Published: 19:57, 22 April 2020
Crazy cars are racing on a crazy track and their picture was taken by an equally crazy individual.
TrackMania Turbo

Ubisoft Nadeo, developer of the free-to-play racing title Trackmania, have annnounced that the launch of Trackmania's reboot will be pushed back from 5 May to 1 July 2020.

In the official blog post, Ubisoft Nadeo wrote, "As you may know, the biggest international Trackmania competition, the Trackmania ZrT Cup already was postponed due to COVID-19. Also, our teams have been adapting to working from home, and even though we already are back to a good level of efficiency we need some time to make up for the transition."

With almost every industry hit by the ongoing health crisis, it's certainly understandable, and it's only two months more for Trackmania fans. Well, the "only" may be questionable if you've been waiting thus far, but Ubisoft Nadeo stressed that this is what's best for their team, and consequently their players too. 

If you happen to be hungry for some Trackmania regardless, then the gameplay trailer below should be enough to satisfy your racing urges. 

Looking past the overhauled graphics, which is not to say it's not impressive, seasoned Trackmania players will recognise many familiar features of the game. The game's simplistic design and some track-building features suggest the different-but-same sort of experience, which is exactly what fans want. 

For those not familiar with Trackmania, Ubisoft Nadeo's free-to-play racing game has quite the history, starting off on PC but eventually being ported to all the mainstream platforms. Its gameplay focuses on driving, rather than vehicle flavours, as the racing tracks are where the fun lies.

Trackmania often relies on quirky tracks, and the playerbase has no shortage of outlandish designs, which is sure to be repeated in the new instalment come July.

You can find the announcement here .

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