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Play Trackmania for free with the Starter Access tier

Published: 16:54, 01 July 2020

Ubisoft's racing game Trackmania is now available. The fans can play the game for free via the Starter Access tier. Additional tiers can be purchased.

Trackmania is now out for PC. The remake will give the fans as well as newcomers a chance to race their way to the top of the world where they will find fame, appreciation and see their highschool bullies get what they deserve. This can be achieved in solo or multiplayer modes.

The Trackmania races will be held on a regularly updated collection of tracks - the 25 official tracks will be updated every 3 months - as well as on user-created tracks. 

The game's dev team has been focused on polishing the track editor and adding new track-creation options. The new options include different track surfaces and special blocks which allow for a wide variety of possibilities.

Starting today, you can play Trackmania for free with Starter Access. This free tier will grant you access to the 25 official tracks, a chance to race on tracks from other players in the Arcade Channel, the ability to use the main creative editors and compete weekly in the Nations League.

More Trackmania can be unlocked by purchasing the Standard Access tier that will run you $9.99. This tier will unlock even more tools for creating the perfect track.

The Club Access tier costs $29.99 and provides additional creation and socialization options, such as creating your own Club and activities.

For a full breakdown of the different tiers, be sure to check out the official Trackmania site .

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