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Todd Howard reveals his favorite Starfield moment: "I landed on the planet, and this sandstorm blew through..."

Published: 10:26, 16 June 2023
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Todd Howard landed on a planet, get caught in a sandstorm and ended up in a hostile spaceship. Yes, that's possible in Starfield
Todd Howard landed on a planet, get caught in a sandstorm and ended up in a hostile spaceship. Yes, that's possible in Starfield

Bethesda boss Todd Howard is obviously playing Starfield all the time and he had a couple of very interesting encounters while exploring the space. He shared his favourite one in the most recent interview.

In a recent interview with IGN , Todd Howard talked about all things Starfield , revealing that he plays the game all the time on his Xbox console. When asked about the part of the Starfield Deep Dive where Bethesda developers talk about their favourite encounters, and whether he had any interesting experiences in this vast universe, Howard had a very interesting story to tell.

In one of his playthroughs, the Bethesda boss landed on one of the planets that players will get to visit early in the game. According to Howard's description, this planet seems to feature a lot of sand dunes and harsh weather since as soon as he landed, a sandstorm blew in and then, some very amusing events occurred. But don't let us paraphrase it for you, here's how Howard told it:

"Let's see. Just a few weeks ago, I had landed on one of the early planets and this sandstorm blew through and I went to run away from it. And ships can randomly... Once in a while, they can randomly land. Enemy ships can land. So I'm going through the sandstorm, the ship landed and I get in this firefight and I got on the ship. And while I'm shooting the guys on the surface of the planet in the ship, the ship took off into space. So now I'm in outer space on the ship, and I was just like, "Can that happen? I guess that can happen."

Bethesda Starfield gameplay deep dive is coming soon Still better than running into one of these? They look quite intimidating.

To be frank, that's both hilarious and impressive. We already know that Bethesda's games offer countless possibilities thanks to their unique design and it certainly makes us super excited to see that the tradition will continue with Starfield.

From collecting sandwiches and storing them in your ship's facilities, to getting kidnapped by space pirates, the possibilities in Starfield really do seem endless. 

Starfield is officially coming out on September 6, 2023, for PC and Xbox Series X|S.


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