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Titanfall 2 might be compromised, do not play or install it

Published: 00:43, 09 September 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of a pilot and a titan in a Titanfall 2 sunset
Titanfall 2

Titanfall games have had more hacker issues than any game that ever happened and now it's no longer safe to even launch the sequel.

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 have been plagued by hackers ruining multiplayer for years now and one would think that making that part of the game unplayable would be the end of it. Unfortunately, the hackers kept raising the stakes and the attacks eventually extended to Apex Legends as well, although Respawn managed to deal with those eventually.

Many thought this would be the end of hacker issues with Respawn's shooters but it was not meant to be. In the early hours of September 9 or evening of September 8, depending on your time zone, the developers put up a post on their social media, acknowledging a security vulnerability in Ttianfall 2 but didn't offer too much explanation about what it is.

However, the community had a warning beforehand, via Discord , noting that the hackers could execute code locally, regardless of your platform. In other words - installing or playing Titanfall 2 could bear the risk of someone tampering with your system. 

While Respawn didn't confirm this claim, it might be best to avoid the game for a few hours, until the devs post an update on the situation, just to be sure.

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