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The Falconeer gets a gorgeous new trailer, will run 4K 60FPS on Xbox Series X

Published: 08:00, 02 October 2020
Wired Productions
The Falconeer protagonist flying over an island
The Falconeer makes exploration (at least) as fun as combat!

Wired Productions and developer Tomas Sala today revealed a brand new trailer for their upcoming open-world air combat game The Falconeer. The team also confirmed that the game will run at least 4K 60FPS on Xbox Series X.

Gorgeous open-world air combat title The Falconeer today got a brand new gameplay trailer, showcasing the rival forces that you'll get to fight in the game. These competing factions are found in The Great Ursee, a near-infinite water world of The Falconeer.

"In the skies, the rich and the powerful safeguard their assets aboard airships defended by mercenary Falconeers, while revolution and dissent brews among the downtrodden and poor on the waters below. Players will support their chosen faction from the back of a mighty warbird, flying missions that will shape the fate of The Great Ursee," it's written in the official description.

Additionally, The Falconeer will feature four factions, players will get to support their chosen faction with their mighty warbird and shape the fate of The Great Ursee. Here's the breakdown of all factions: 

  • The Northern Imperium. The greatest power on The Great Ursee, the Imperial throne commands the Northern Ursee with nobility, subterfuge, and manipulation as tools of power.
  • The Mancer Order. The master scholars of The Order control all access to technology across the Ursee, guiding the march of progress towards an unknown destination along The Path.
  • The Civilian Freehouses. A loosely aligned assemblage of independent communities united in defence of local trade and subject to the machinations of the Imperium and Mancer Order.
  • The Freebooter Rebellion. Outcasts banished to the dark places of the Ursee, now returned from their exile with dark and ancient knowledge to wreak havoc on their long-time tormentors. 

Wired Productions The Falconeer bird riding air currents The Falconeer, air currents are both fun and helpful

The Falconeer is set to take flight as a day one launch title for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and will also launch for PC and Xbox One on 10 November 2020.

The Falconeer, an aerial combat RPG by Tomas Sala and Wired Productions

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
The Falconeer makes exploration (at least) as fun as combat!

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