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The Division Heartland open world, game modes, and more details leak

Published: 09:26, 12 February 2022
The Division Heartland
The Division Heartland

The Division Heartland is shaping up to be a good game by Ubisoft, according to early leaks. 

The Division Heartland is Ubisoft's free-to-play live service title currently in development at Red Storm Studio. The game was officially announced last year but we haven't heard much about it since then. 

However, first details have surfaced recently, courtesy of industry insider Tom Henderson.

  The Division Heartland modes

According to his report, Heartland features two game modes - a PvPvE mode named Storm and PvE mode Excursion, which serves as some sort of tutorial mode for Storm.

Excursion mode will see players explore a huge map named Silver Creek, scavenge for resources, loot for gear and weapons and fight against enemy AI. 

Storm basically adds PvP to that mix. It's apparently very similar to Escape From Tarkov, a game that is similar to the Survival mode from The Division 1.

So yeah, it seems that we're getting the Survival mode on a much bigger map with more weapons, locations and extraction checkpoints. 

There's also a Base of Operations, where players can buy and sell weapons and gear, matchmaker for lobbies, and choose missions to complete during matches.  

Reddit The Division Heartland leak The Division Heartland leak

  The Division Heartland open-world map

The report describes Silver Creek as a massive map with randomly contaminated areas. Heartland's map won't have the classic circle that is found in other battle royale games. 

Players can obtain gas masks to survive in the contaminated areas, which is a mechanic we've seen in Warzone. The map is littered with Strategic Homeland Division Beacons which can be used to buy various upgrades and call in supply drops, again, something that we've seen in Warzone.

Tiered loot exists and it's pretty standard with Green, Yellow, Purple and other tier colours we usually get in such games. 

  The Division release date

The Division Heartland does not have a clear release date but Ubisoft confirmed they are hopeful it will be ready for the fiscal year 2022-2023, which means it should be coming before sometime before March 2023.

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