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League of Legends owner Tencent won a lawsuit against Moonton

Published: 08:19, 19 July 2018
Riot Games
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Riot Games' parent company Tencent has recently won a lawsuit against Moonton Technology CEO Xu Zhenhua, due to blatant copyright infringement with their game Mobile Legends, which is similar to League of Legends in more ways than one.

Tencent Holdings won 19,4 million Chinese Yuan from this lawsuit, which translates to $2,9 / €2,49 / £2,22 million. According to dotesports, the lawsuit was not filed and won against Moonton as a company, but rather its CEO - Xu Zhenhua.

Tencent may have chosen this course of action after Riot Games' failed lawsuit again Moonton in California in 2017. When big daddy Tencent picked up the slack, the mobile game developer was hit rather hard, although they have likely earned way more than $2,9 million by blatantly copying League of Legends up until now since this is mobile gaming we're talking about.

It was a good outcome for Tencent regardless, as the original plan for Zhenhua was to pay 2,6 million Yuen or $388,000 / €333 / £297 million but this original settlement was ruled out as incorrect by the court. The ruling stated that Zhenhua calculated valuation based on how tax authorities calculate value rather than book values.

The result of this lawsuit has actually proven that copyright violators are not safe even in China, at least not when it's a publishing giant such as Tencent suing them. Lawsuit victory may have inspired Tencent to engage in further lawsuit crusades as they are now planning to team up with Riot Games in order to pursue further action against Moonton. 

As dotesports reported, Tencent's King of Glory China-based MOBA for mobile devices will likely attempt to bring Moonton to court for additional copyright infringement cases.

Riot Games Splash art for League of Legends champion Poppy showing her tiny stature with her massive hammer. League of Legends - Poppy

Simply reading up on how many copyright infringement cases Moonton is and will be going through will probably get you thinking one of the two possible ways - they either completely ripped other games off and deserved it, or they are just being harassed by a bigger dog in the pen. You can head over to and check the comparison pictures in order to draw conclusions for yourself.

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