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Tencent have launched WeGame X store outside of China

Published: 10:31, 08 April 2019
Screenshot of Tencent's WeGame X store
Tencent, WeGame X

Outside of China, publishing giant Tencent are usually known for their affiliation with Riot Games, PUBG Corp and Epic Games, but this is soon about to change as they quietly launched an early access version of the WeGame X store.

When it comes to the Chinese market, Tencent's store is an important player, with 200 million registered users to its name.

The store was previously unavailable internationally but Tencent's Hong Kong servers mean that we're getting another store soon.

Interestingly, Tencent didn't publicise the launch, although it may have something to do with ensuring proper quality before officially adding another store to the current climate.

The company's representative said that they're testing the platform to provide service to their global users, but that's as far as the official statement goes.

That does, however, confirm the store's early access stage and a visit to the store can do the rest. At the moment, WeGame X doesn't exactly boast a winning catalogue, as there are around 30 games, most of which by Chinese devs. 

Whether Tencent's timing is adequate remains to be seen, what with all the hoopla around Epic's Games Store and Steam once again shining a light on the issue of splitting up gamers by platforms. 

On the other hand, Epic's decision to lead the way and slash the standard digital distribution fee of 30 per cent to mere 12 per cent promises to reshape the landscape, so Tencent might as well get in early.

When it comes to mere scale though, you should know that Steam recently boasted about the latest figures of million users. Needless to say, Tencent won't lack in the technical department as they've got the architecture to deliver products en masse.

Tencent Games Logo of Chinese game developer Tencent Games Tencent Games

Tencent are likely to find that Epic's and Valve's stores are their main competitors, albeit the latter is still well ahead. In fact, Steam is likely to remain the dominant distribution platform, with analysts almost guaranteeing that GabeN will not be moved .

You can find the WeGame X store .

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