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Tencent ditch western Arena of Valor, focus on League of Legends

Published: 09:46, 29 May 2019
Riot Games
Splash art for Gentleman Cho'Gath, the legendary skin in League of Legends
League of Legends - Gentleman Cho'Gath

Tencent and Riot Games recently made headlines after it was reported they are working on the mobile version of League of Legends. Now it seems the game's previous mobile clone, Arena of Valor will lose support due to resource reallocation.

Riot Games have resisted Tencent's attempts to get the studio to develop a mobile version of League of Legends for years but Reuters recently broke a story that the game is now actually in development.

It came as a surprise since Tencent had already released a League of Legends clone for mobile, Arena of Valor, following Riot's refusal to port their golden goose.

However, after Riot finally complied, they opened the western market's door to Tencent after their Honour of Kings and Arena of Valor both failed to take off. Therefore, the Chinese tech giant decided to cut support for Arena of Valor in the west.

Granted, Reuters' sources did not explicitly that League of Legends mobile directly affected Tencent's decision making but the fact that they "all but disbanded" the marketing teams for Arena of Valor and Honour of Kings speaks volumes for itself.

Arena of Valor manages to grab the attention of 100,000 users in Europe and 150,000 in North America daily which is definitely not what Tencent are used for. In comparison, Honour of Kings has about 55 million daily users in China alone.

One glaring issue with Tencent's expansion outside of China seems to have been inexperience with other demographics. They attempted to bring in western players by adding characters from European folklore and even western comic books, such as Batman and Superman.

It appears they are not aware of the fact that western players tend to stray from copied material instead of original creations.

Riot Games Picture of Mordekaiser splash art in League fo Legends League of Legends - Mordekaiser

Another incident that testifies to that mindset is that Tencent attempted to promote Arena of Valor as an eSport in the west by featuring League of Legends stars xPeke and YellOwStaR. All of this resulted in spending too many resources with barely any to absolutely no success and one of Reuters' sources confirmed Tencent are well aware of the burnt money.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

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