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Teamfight Tactics item drop fix and ranked mode are on the way

Published: 13:37, 05 July 2019
Riot Games
Picture of a game in Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games announced the upcoming changes to Teamfight Tactics that should arrive with League of Legends patch 9.14. The update should deal with itemisation RNG issues and add a ranked mode that will kick off the so-called Beta Season.

Teamfight Tactics has mesmerised many players so far but most of the complaints are related to RNG. Riot's designer, MapleNectar, recently spoke about the developers' feelings about RNG mechanics, stating they are good in the long term for the game since they offer a new experience every match.

On the other hand, he that item RNG is a bit extreme since some players can get three completed items while others get one or sometimes none. Furthermore, PvE rounds can either spawn a bunch of component items or none at all.

This should change in an update coming with League of Legends patch 9.14 and it's already on PBE. For example, some monsters will now be more formidable but item RNG will be toned down so people always get something.

Dragons always have a completed item with them so the next time you barely kill a dragon because you focused on magic damage too much will not feel like all that effort was for nothing.

Public Beta Environment (PBE) also has ranked mode for Teamfight Tactics ready. It will differ from League of Legends ranked system with a few mechanics though.

For example, there will be only five placement matches before getting a rank instead of 10 that are required in the MOBA. 

Rating will go up or down depending on your placement. The first four players gain rating while the bottom four lose it.

Riot Games Screenshot from winning a Teamfight Tactics game Teamfight Tactics

Currently, it looks like Riot Games need to iron out a few kinks here and there because the rating numbers sometimes go up or down more than they should but it's possible that players don't understand all the mechanics behind it yet.

Keep in mind that matchmaking rating will inevitably affect the rating gains and losses as well so you might in some games earn more points for placing third than in others when placing higher.

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