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Team Liquid wins the LCS Summer Split playoffs event

Published: 15:40, 26 August 2019
Team liquid horse logo on white background for dota 2 esports team
Team Liquid

League of Legends World Championship 2019 recently got a few more confirmed participants as Team Liquid won the LCS Summer Split playoffs and directly qualified for the biggest, most lucrative event of the esport year in Riot Games' MOBA.

LCS 2019 Summer Split playoffs were unlike the tournament standards these days in League of Legends. While it's normal for teams to stomp their opposition in best of five matchups, LCS participants went all out as only CLG managed to have a single clean sweep versus Optic Gaming. Losing teams in all other matchups chipped away at least one victory.

Interestingly enough, the final standings of the playoffs turned out to be exactly the same as the ladder standings during the Summer Split season - Team Liquid coming in first, Cloud 9 went on to be the runner up team and Counter Logic Gaming ended up third.

The remainder of the top six stayed pretty much the same, as only Clutch Gaming coming in fourth in place of Team Solomid was the only difference.

As the playoffs concluded, Team Liquid and Cloud 9 became the first two western teams to be guaranteed at least the group stage during World Championship 2019. The four teams that qualified besides them are SKT T1 and Griffin from LCK (Korea) as well as J Team and ahq e-Sports Club from LMS (Hong Kong/ Macao/ Taiwan).

Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that the North American teams to bootcamp in Europe in preparation for the World Championship rather than Korea which was the preferred location in previous years. Considering the skill gap between eastern and western teams had shrunk in the past few seasons and the fact that tournament will be held in Europe, it is really not that odd of a choice.

Riot Games Splash art for Akali, after her rework by Riot Games League of Legends

As for the memes and fun, the LCS playoffs didn't lack those either. The main man himself, Tyler1, came out to show the plebs his , providing them with concrete evidence that he is 6'5 (~196 cm) after all.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

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