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Tarzan is signing with an LPL team for the next season

Published: 23:57, 13 October 2020
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Lee Sin is always in a good spot when it comes to jungle

Lee "Tarzan" Seung-Yong has been with Griffin from the start all the way to the fall from grace and the next League of Legends competitive season will finally see him move onwards, with a Chinese team.

Tarzan is one of junglers that left a major impression on the world as a breakout star in the ill-fated 2019 Griffin squad. The man was with Griffin since 2017 when the team was just forming and kept being one of the strongest players all the way over their successful road when the team was considered to be one of the Worlds 2019 contenders.

However, when the organisation turned on cvMax, all of that went downhill quickly and some players decided to move on while others stayed with Griffin. One of them was Tarzan and despite the high hopes for his career, he didn't quite shine enough to get the team out of the dark tunnel as they got relegated in 2020. 

He left Griffin in May 2020 and has seemingly been on a break for five months but Tarzan now signed with a Chinese team for the 2021 season. He announced the news on Facebook while it was Korizon who reported the English version of the announcement .

Despite finding a lot of love on Twitch by streaming for the period of about four months, Lee decided to sign with an LPL team which he didn't name just yet.

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However, he expressed his gratefulness for the fans and announced that all of the profits from the stream in the past months will go towards a charity with a bit of his own cash on top.

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