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Taric is apparently the best mid laner in League of Legends

Published: 15:20, 05 June 2018
Riot Games
Taric is checking Ezreal from behind confirming that League of Legends has more closeted champions than a hardcore religious family
League of Legends - Taric

League of Legends is currently in what is probably the worst shape the game has ever been in. Riot Games are struggling to keep any semblance of balance and an actual support being the most successful mid laner testifies to that claim.

First thing that would come to veteran players' minds is that this isn't the first occurrence of a support champion dominating mid or top lane. For example Lulu used to be popular in both those lanes, but then again, Lulu was picked because she could bully other champions out of a lane. Taric, on the other hand, is by every definition behaving like an actual support.

The reason Taric has an absurd in Korean solo queue is not his own power, but rather the combination of him not farming at all, and Master Yi in the jungle who is taking all of the mid lane farm on top of the jungle monsters. This strategy is easy to pull of thanks to Taric's innate resilience, so he can easily freeze his lane and let Master Yi take all the farm when he comes around.

Taric and Yi's unholy love strategy allows to become a wrecking ball that deletes enemy champions in two seconds or less. Sure Master Yi is supposed to be a carry but he is not supposed to become one in less than 15 minutes, as demonstrated on several occasions in the video above.

Now, if this were the only balance issue in League of Legends, it really wouldn't be much of a problem as one of the two champions would get banned and that would be the end of it. The problem is that the game currently has so many and  that 10 bans per game are simply not enough.

Splash art for Amumu, a sad champion in League of Legends Splash art for Amumu, a sad champion in League of Legends League of Legends - Amumu

And if the list of champions that are ruling the meta with an iron fist wasn't enough, there is the that now resembles the mess caused by Commencing Stopwatch at the start of the season 8 as the game I linked ended up with nine out of 10 players building the item.

This resulted in everyone being tanky, with barely any damage in the game. Needless to say, this item may provide short-term silly fun but defensive strategies were never attractive. Neither is the current scale of imbalance in League of Legends which may be the reason why players these days often choose to be dropped out of a instead.

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