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Bandai Namco officially delays Tales of Arise

Published: 15:04, 25 June 2020
Bandai Namco
Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

Yusuke Tomizawa, the producer of Tales of Arise, announced that the game has been delayed. Tomizawa didn't give a new launch window and said it will be provided when there are more details to share.

Bandai Namco have decided to officially delay the launch window of Tales of Arise, the latest title in the "Tales of" series, Yusuke Tomizawa the producer of "Tales of Arise" announced today.

"The goal for Tales of Arise", Tomizawa wrote, "is to provide a familiar but innovative gameplay experience to fans of the series while pushing the technical envelope to deliver a high level of graphical quality".

The team has successfully overcome the obstacles that were presented in 2020 but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent need to work remotely has affected some aspects of development.

With this in mind, the team will need more time to deliver the quality and provide the experience they envision for their players and therefore decided to delay the launch time for Tales of Arise.

A new launch window update will be provided once more there are more details to share. Tomizawa left the fans with a downloadable image that can be used "as a reminder for what’s to come for PC background or remote meeting".

Download the image here .

Tales of Arise is an upcoming RPG game by Bandai Namco. The new game will serve as a next chapter in the Tales of series and treat the players to stunning HD visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4.

The Dynamic Action RPG will feature an updated battle system that retains classic Tales of gameplay as well as a rich story of a vibrant world and a fresh cast of characters.

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