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Tales From Off-Peak City gets a release date on PC

Published: 16:00, 16 April 2020
Cosmo D
Tales From Off-Peak City
Tales From Off-Peak City

Cosmo D is at it again, with another entry in the surreal adventure series revolving around the oddball, or rather Off-Peak City. Jazz and all the weirdness will be back for another round on 15 May 2020.

Gamers who like surreal experiences may have found We Happy Few to scratch their itch a little bit but the weirdness would come and go, depending on whether you are taking the miracle drug that makes everything look nice and dandy

In the Off-Peak series, however, everything is weird, all the time and jazz is playing in the background to compound the surreal atmosphere. While the graphics are not exactly eye candy, it is immediately apparent that the focus is on the weird interactions and things a player can do in this world.

The original Off-Peak ended up with 86 per cent positive reviews on Steam, despite not looking appealing at first glance and the follow-up, The Norwood Suite, ended up having 97 per cent positive reviews.

Now Cosmo D is back with the third game in the series, Tales From Off-Peak City. As soon as you take a look at the trailer, it is apparent that the same direction remains in this one as well. Furthermore, things like the not-so-pepperoni pizza or the eyeball of the space lion are bound to spice up the adventure while keeping the player on the edge.

This time around, the players will attempt to steal a prized saxophone from a pizza maker named Caetano Grosso. As per usual, their exploits can set off a chain of events through the neighbourhood which will, in turn, push the players into digging up the residents' secrets while listening to the atmospheric score whose grip seems to be constantly persistent.

There is a "Vol 1" attached at the end of the game's title, meaning we are likely to see more weird episodes in the future. Tales From Off-Peak City will be available on 15 May 2020 through Steam and

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