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T1 Gumayushi and Ellim come up big against AF in LCK Regional Qualifier

Published: 15:57, 08 September 2020
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League of Legends - Jhin
League of Legends - Jhin

LCK Regional Qualifier will decide the region's third team to qualify to World Championship 2020 and there is only one clash left as T1 and Afreeca Freecs concluded their BO5.

T1 found themselves in need of some changes after the results from previous splits and playoffs didn't quite impress. It appears there were some problems in communication between Faker, Teddy and Cuzz as the team first experimented with Clozer in mid lane but after the performances weren't exactly better, they decided to bring their star player back while swapping jungle and marksman out.

This meant that two rookies, Ellim and Gumayushi, would find themselves in a crucible as the LCK Regional Qualifier are T1's last chance to qualify for Worlds 2020 and they took the challenge head-on.

It was clear in the first match against Afreeca Freecs that T1's new lineup is clicking well as the team was just weaving wombo combos left and right. AF held strong for 20 minutes or so but they were quickly dispatched by T1's dominant performance not long after. Ellim didn't take a single kill in the match but set up several team fight combos with his Jarvan while Gumayusi went 9/0/7 on Caitlyn, marking a great start for both of them.

Game two was also heading in T1's favour until they overcommitted and forced two dreadful team fights near the Baron pit which was enough for Mystic to start dominating the game on Kalista and AF were eventually able to squeeze the life out of T1's nexus just short of 49th minute in the match.

T1 quickly adapted and showed more restraint in the third game when they developed a healthy lead but wouldn't commit to fights as often. Upon securing Ocean Soul, the team saw more breathing space and secured a dominant victory in 30 minutes as AF only managed to score three kills. Both Gumayusi and Ellim wrapped the match up with 19 KDA although the marksman did have one death.

The final game of the series started off in a familiar fashion as T1 once again started gaining lead but a fruitful team fight gave AF hope after Canna pulled Spirit's Karthus into his clumped up team that was just knocked up by Kiin's Wukong. It didn't take long for Canna to redeem himself as he ruined Fly's Ornn ulti in the following team fight and came out of it with a quadra kill. 

It could also have been a pentakill but Gumayusi secured the Ornn kill before this could become a reality. Meanwhile, Faker had his own highlights in this match as he used some fancy footwork to escape from two dire situations.

T1 will face Gen.G in the finals where only one of the two Spring Split finalists will make it to Worlds 2020.

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