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Starfield reportedly targeting 2021 release date, says insider

Published: 14:41, 22 February 2021
starfield screenshot showing space and horizon

According to ResetEra insider NateDrake, Bethesda's Starfield is targeting the 2021 release date for their upcoming RPG Starfield, although it is uncertain how the COVID pandemic might have affected this goal.

Not a lot has been said about Bethesda's upcoming RPG Starfield over the last couple of years. Ever since the publisher announced the game at E3 2018, we have been waiting for more news, trailers and gameplay footage but sadly, Bethesda have been pretty quiet.

However, now that Microsoft have acquired the publisher, many expect to hear more about the project and it seems that a first major update could be coming very soon. The latest rumours suggest that once Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax and Bethesda is officially completed, the publisher will host an event where they will shed more light on their upcoming games.

Over on ResetEra, a thread has been started for this particular rumour and an industry insider NateDrake has joined in with his own thoughts on Starfield. The insider said that Bethesda have been strong hoping to launch the game this year but it's hard to say if that's still the case due to COVID pandemic.

"There has been a strong hope & desire to have Starfield launch this year. How major the impacts due to COVID have been on the title is anyone's guess, but 2021 was the intended goal for release as of a few months ago," the insider says.

NeoGaf New Starfield screenshot showing a character standing in front of metal construction New Starfield screenshot

Whether Bethesda still plan to release Starfield this year, it's really hard to say but we hope that the COVID-19 pandemic did not impact the development and the developers too much. Many players would certainly love to get their hands on this sci-fi RPG this year.

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